Frequently Asked Questions

Booking and Arrival:

  • Do you accept walk-ins? - We do! Though there is no guarantee that there will be available time-slots when you walk in. The best course of action is clicking our "Book Now" button and taking a look at live availability. You can book right on our website. You can also walk in and book with our front desk for either a time available right then and there or for a future time depending on availability. 

  • What is the age limit? - The age limit to be alone in a room is 12 years old. If anyone younger than 12 would like to participate please call first at (253) 579-0709.

  • How do I book? - Click anywhere on the website that says “Book Now” and then follow the on-screen instructions. If you need any help, call us at (253) 579-0709.

  • Can we pay for our tickets individually? - No, one person has to pay for all tickets. All bookings are done right here on the website on a reservation basis. Click here to book. If you're a walk-in and want to pay separately; please Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle one person and have that one person pay.  

  • Do I need to fill out a waiver? - Yes! You, being the primary customer who booked, will be getting an email to fill out a waiver and register your team. This email should land in your inbox shortly after booking. Once you get this email, you will need to click the link and fill out your portion of the waiver. After that, you will have the option of inviting people to fill out their part of the waiver by inserting their email or by sharing a link with them. It will be your responsibility to ensure that each member participating in the experience gets this done before showing up. OR if you did not receive an email or are having trouble you can fill out the waiver when you arrive via a QR code. No need to call us about your waiver. 

  • Can I book for a time not listed on your website? - Yes, there will be a process launched for this in the near future. In the meantime call us at (253) 579-0709. 

  • What is the booking fee? - We DO NOT charge tax but we do charge a 5% booking fee. This covers the cost of various online operations that support our booking processes. 

  • When should I arrive, and what happens if my group is late? - Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled experience to check-in and fill out your waiver. ​Arriving late will result in time being deducted from your game. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late you will be marked as a no-show. No shows and/or late bookings are not eligible for refunds. 

  • Can I pay on arrival? - ​We do not accept payment on arrival. Please complete your payment online or over the phone before your booking. Unless you are a walk-in at which point you may pay on arrival. 

  • Do you offer any discounts? - Yes! We have various discounts that apply in different situations. We offer a military discount, in addition to assorted Passport Holder discounts. You will pay in full when booking online, then when you come in for your booking bring your military ID or Passport and we will refund you the appropriate amount. Military discounts are 10% off of the total ticket amount. Military and Passport discounts do not stack.

What To Expect with our Experiences:

  • Your name is Escape Hour, but you offer 70-minute experiences?: We used to offer 60-minute experiences, though in pursuit of providing the best value and experiences to our fans we have switched over to 70-minute experiences! This furthers our mission of being More Than An Escape Room™! Though we will be implementing competitive leader-boards where you can only qualify if you escape in one hour or less, you'll still have 70 minutes to play! The leader-boards will help us stay true to our name Escape "Hour". Plan for your experience to take about 100 minutes. Pre-game briefing and check-in takes 15 minutes, the game is 70 minutes long, and post-game review and pictures take about 15 minutes.

  • Will I be paired with strangers?: No, all of our bookings are private, which means you will only be playing with your group.

Reservation Changes:

  • Ticket cancellation: All participants are eligible for a full refund if you cancel your booking 48 hours prior to your booking time. If you are past the deadline you are no longer able to receive a refund for cancellation. To cancel please call (253) 579-0709. If you would like to subtract tickets from your original booking due to cancellation, sickness, or whatever the case may be this has to be done 48 hours prior to your booking, and if done prior to the deadline all subtracted tickets will be fully refunded. This can be done on our website by logging into the account you created when you first booked with us or the account you created prior to booking. Click here​ to get to the My Account Page on our website, or if you would rather take care of things over the phone you're welcome to give us a call for assistance at (253) 579-0709 - if we do not answer please leave a message.  

  • Can I add tickets after I have made my original reservation?: Yes, so long as there's availability in your booking you can add tickets on your account here on the website up to 48 hours prior to your event by clicking here. THIS INCLUDES PAYMENT! If it is passed the 48-hour deadline or you rather do things over the phone please give us a call at (253) 579-0709, and we can assist you; so long as it is at least one hour before your booking time, we can assist you over the phone.

  • How do I reschedule a booking?: You are able to reschedule a booking up to 48 hours prior to your event free of charge. After that window the booking is final. ​You can reschedule your booking by calling us at (253) 579-0709 or by logging into your account you created during the first time you booked on our website. Link to "My Account" page: Click Here.

  • If I have an account with one of your other locations do I need to make an account here? - Yes each location will have its own account on its own website. Though you can use the same email and password for each location to make it easier. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Booking

  • All bookings are 100% private. No Strangers. 

  • Want a time that isn't listed? Give us a call (253) 579-0709.  

  • Pricing: Prices For Private, 70 Minute Bookings-
    Everyday except for Saturdays:
    2-3 Tickets: $65 Per Person
    4+ Tickets: $50 Per Person
    2 Tickets: $100 Per person
    3 Tickets: $66.67 per person 
    4+ Tickets $50 per person

  • Why is the price different for smaller groups on Saturdays? Saturdays we are always sold-out and have very large groups. Since our rooms can accommodate larger groups but all of our bookings are private no matter the size, there is a premium charge for smaller groups on our busiest day. Pay the premium and get the whole experience to yourself. Another option is to come on any day other than Saturday with your group of 2 or 3 to avoid that premium charge. 

  • What do you get for your ticket purchase?

    • 70-Minute Escape Experience. More play time then 99% of all escape rooms in Washington.​

    • 100% private experiences. No Stranger, ever.

    • Award-winning experiences. We have won many awards, including worlds best in-person escape room.

    • Hyper-immersion and the promise of being More Than An Escape Room™. These are not your average escape rooms. 100% original adventures. 

  • Alcohol: You may not bring alcohol on EHPR premises. Clearly, intoxicated patrons will not be allowed to participate.

    ​Our rooms take some intellectual prowess and drinking beforehand may lead to props breaking and the endangering of yourself and others. 

Passport Program:

  • Here at Escape Hour Point Ruston, we stamp and sell We The Enthusiasts Global Passports! This passport program is perfect because there are participating escape rooms all over the globe that you will be able to get your passport stamped at! Considering we have locations in multiple states, this is a perfect fit! So what is an escape room passport? It's a passport booklet where you will be able to document your escape room journeys in an organized and beautiful way. It's the perfect way to organize and display your experiences. But when you buy the passports here at Escape Hour Point Ruston, you get tremendous value. Please read below to see why purchasing a passport with us in a no-brainer! ​

  • Passport Perks:

    • Exclusive stamps for winning or losing. Our stamps are unlike any location with beautiful art and a fun and engaging way to display the outcome of your experiences!

    • 50% off "Try Again" experiences!* THIS IS HUGE! That's right; you can come back and try a room again for 50% off, every-time! Here's how it works: Say you are a passport holder and say you played Legend of Theradonia and you lose. You receive your exclusive losing Legend of Theraonia stamp in your passport, and you go on your way. Though you were hoping for that win, so you book Legend of Theradonia again at full price via our website. When you arrive for your booking, you present your passport with your Theradonia stamp, and so long as the name written (in pen) matches the name of your ID, we will issue you a 50% refund on your ticket. So this means if you booked a group of six and four of the six players have stamps for the experience they are about to play, those four people would receive a 50% refund of their ticket. It's that easy! A couple of caveats to this perk: The name written in your passport must be written in pen and match your ID. Also, you can not redeem this try again perk on a Saturday, any other day of the week is fair game! 

    • If you receive two different winning stamps from Escape Hour Point Ruston, you will receive an exclusive collector-quality acrylic pin for free!  

    • Passport holders receive 5% off all merchandise!  

    • All passport holders will be able to redeem Exclusive Event Perks announced on our Facebook page. These perks can be anything! Even if you have played and beaten all of our escape experiences, you can still benefit from these quarterly perks. They can be things from exclusive merchandise, to access to limited-time events, to tickets, to discounts, to all-inclusive passport holder events, early access to new experiences, beta test, and much more! You never know what we might announce each quarter!​

    • All passport holders receive $5 off Wednesday and Thursday tickets. Just like the try again perk, you will pay in full online or over the phone. At the time of your booking, you will present your passport and ID, if everything looks good and it's a Wednesday or Thursday we will refund your ticket $5! 

      As you can see, being a passport holder grants huge value, perks, and bonuses. The passport more than pays for itself in no time!


  • Where Do I Buy The Passports?

    • At our physical location Escape Hour Point Ruston! You can stop by any normal business hours to grab one!​

  • I Have Already Done Some Of Your Experiences. Can I Get Stamps For Those?

    • No. Back-stamping is no longer done to expedite processes. Though we may take certain situations on a case-by-case basis.  

  • Do Passport Holder Perk Discounts Stack With Each other?

    • Yes, they do! Though discounts that aren't within the passport program do not stack. Furthermore, the Passport Program Perk discounts and outside discounts do not stack. ​

  • How Much Are The Passports? 

    • They are $25 per passport. They more than pay for themselves. Even on your first "Try Again" you are already getting more value than what you purchased them for. That's not even including all of the other perks!​

  • Can I Do A 'Try Again' Booking on a Saturday?

    • No, but any other day of the week is fair game. 

  • Can I Use Someone's Passport To Redeem These Perks? 

    • No. In order to redeem these perks, your passport must have your name printed in it, in pen. That name must match your ID. ​

  • I Already Have A 'We The Enthusiasts' passport can I redeem all of these prizes?  

    • Your passport must have been purchased from Escape Hour to redeem these prizes. Though we will still stamp your passport with our exclusive stamps! The passports from our location are marked with a special EHGH stamp indicating that it was purchased from us. That's how we know the origin of the passport. Purchase our passport to start racking up the prizes!​

  • Can We Get The Try Again Discount From Experiences We Have Won As Well? 

    • Yes! Win or lose, you can try the experiences again at the discount rate so long as the criteria is met!​

  • Can We Try Experiences Again If We Are Not Passport Holders?

    • Of course! You just won't receive a discount!​

      Further Questions? Want Us To Hold Some Passports For You? Message Us On Facebook!

Who Can Play?

  • Gamers and Enthusiasts:

    • Our highly interactive and enhanced gaming experience is one-of-a-kind. Our adventure rooms challenge you to engage more than just your fingertips. Come be an active participant and immerse yourself in an environment where you have a direct role in determining the outcome.​

  • Tourists & Travelers:

    • A must-do amongst the “things-to-do” in Tacoma. Escape Hour Point Ruston is the perfect event for individuals from outside the area looking for a unique experience. Immerse yourself in a social game and meet new people while you work toward escaping. It is a great alternative for daytime or nighttime entertainment.​

  • Families & Friends:

    • Share the experience with loved ones or like-minded cohorts and work towards a common goal. This is a great way to bond with old friends or to make new ones alike as you work under pressure and put your skills to the test. Great for couples, date nights, or just clean family fun.​

  • Companies & Events: 

    • Looking for a team-building opportunity or corporate-friendly fun? Look no further! Build your communication skills and team performance in a dynamic and challenging environment. ​

  • Birthdays & Parties: 

    • Come and PARTY! Escape Hour Point Ruston is a perfect place to have your party! Participate in any of our rooms with your own custom group size and time slot.

      Great for birthdays or bachelorette/bachelor parties the list goes on and on.

      Group size is flexible for special occasions so be sure to call with special requests.​

  • In Short: 

    • EVERYONE.​